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What Kind of Machines Do Environmental Consultants Use to Test Soil Samples?

Whether you are creating a backyard garden or trying to investigate contamination levels on an industrial site, the work of an environmental consultant can be invaluable. These professionals work in the field to assess your environment, and then, they take their findings back to the lab where they use special equipment to test it. Labs contain a huge range of equipment, but here is a look at some of the machines that you may find:

SmartChem Analyser

This powerful machine is used by environmental consultants to identify the elements present in soil samples. Scientists can find and analyse levels of elements, such as sodium, potassium, molybdenum and phosphorus as well as many others. This machine can also examine how quickly soil is digesting plants and which trace artificial elements are in the plant tissue in the soil.

The machine works with plasma emission spectrometer, and using a special camera that links to a PC, environmental analysts can actually watch the hot plasma as it works inside the machine. When a company hires an environmental consultant, they benefit from machines like this as well as from the expertise of the consultant.


The ICP-OES or Inductively Coupled Optical Emission Spectrometer is an incredible machine for environmental consultants. This machine can quickly analyse the presence of several different elements at the same time. Basically, when a sample is inserted in this machine, it is heated until it is turned into plasma. Then, the sample is cooled until it begins emitting photos. These are measured and that gives the scientists the data they need to assess which elements are in your soil sample.

Disc Mill Grinder

Not all of the machines found in an environmental testing lab are as complex as the two above examples. Some of them are simple but powerful and completely indispensable. The disc miller grinder is one of them.

Used for grinding dirt so that it can be tested with the above machines, these grinders use a spinning steel disc to cut down soil to mere millimeters. Quickly cutting through the dry clay like soil found in much of Australia is no trouble for these machines.

If you need help figuring out how safe your soil is or assessing any other environmental condition, you need to contact an environmental consultant. These professionals have the know-how, the experience and the lab equipment to help you get the answers you need, like at Geotech Testing Pty Ltd.


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