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Four Asphalt Repairs to Expect with Older Residential Driveways

Buying an older home comes with the expectation that certain repairs are necessary. One of the areas you may overlook is are asphalt-covered areas, such as the driveway. Before you finish your repairs list and budget, make sure to include the following four repairs you can expect with older driveways. 

Cracks in the Asphalt

Cracks in the asphalt are caused by rain, debris, and normal wear and tear on the material. If you find cracks in the driveway, they can be fixed with a stone filler. This filler will need to be placed in all of the cracks individually and not on the driveway as a whole. Once all the cracks are filled in, a new weatherproofing seal will need to be applied to the entire driveway. This will seal the crack and prevent further cracks from occurring due to rain or snow.

Potholes in the Asphalt

Potholes occur when a crack manifests and leads erosion and loosening of the gravel. With normal wear and tear this erosion will develop into a pothole. You can handle this as a do-it-yourself project by using an asphalt patch and sealer. This will restore the area and will seal the newly patched spot from weather conditions.

Side Erosion in the Asphalt

Side erosion is the noticeable cracks and loose gravel you find on the sides of the driveway or walkway. When you notice these areas you ma also not ice that the sand is also eroding. This type of erosion will need to be fixed by a professional by either stabilising and relaying the drive way with a new foundation or by repairing and rebuilding the side’s of the driveway to form a barrier for further erosion to occur.

Loose Top Gravel

Some loose top gravel is normal, but if you see extensive amounts of gravel, it many be time for a new driveway. Extensive amounts of lose gravel can mean that not only is the seal faded, but erosion weather is also a problem. In order to replace the drive way you can contact an asphalt contractor, like A-One Asphalt Pty Ltd, or replace it yourself if you town the right equipment.

Ideally, most repair work will be done before you sign the final paperwork on the house. If you notice these issues after signing, consider hiring a contractor to give you a price estimate for a new asphalt driveway of for the asphalt repairs. The contractor has the benefit of having the eight equipment, the experience, and a warranty in their work should something go wrong later.

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