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What to Look For When Purchasing Your Next Tyres

Shopping for tyres can be a bewildering experience. The number of manufacturers and retailers from which to choose is enormous. The key to successfully choosing the right tyres and deal is to be thoroughly informed before taking the plunge.

Value for Money and Special Offers

As competition within the tyre market is fierce, many retailers tout “buy three, get the fourth free” deals and rewards if you spend a certain amount in-store. The best thing to do is ignore the bombardment and thoroughly search each retailer and manufacturer’s website for the lowest all-round price. 

It is also worth investigating the supply chain, and know the number of dealers and wholesalers involved in getting the tyres to you, the end consumer. Less middlemen means less people to pay.

Do Your Homework

It is no longer any secret that auto parts retailers and repairers treat customers differently based on assumed knowledge. The easiest way to disarm sales staff who employ high-pressure tactics is to go in with a full-bottled knowledge of what you intend to purchase. For instance, if you intend to purchase tyres best suited to wet weather driving, specify that you are searching for a model that features the greatest depth in tread.

After-Sales Service

There is nothing more important to personal safety when driving than the tread and pressure of your tyres. After one month, your tyres can lose up to 10ibs of pressure. It is vitally important to check with your tyres’ pressure for under or over-inflation. A good retailer should provide this service on-site.

Proficient tyre retailers can also identify the wear patterns of your tyres. Unusual wear patterns often indicate wider problems associated with your vehicle, such as wheel alignment or stability. Many tyre retailers also provide either an on-site or mobile fitting service at an affordable cost.

Warranty and Returns

In the event of of encountering unforseen damage or simply making the wrong decision, your new tyres should be covered by either an in-store returns policy or manufacturer’s warranty. Some retailers even offer 30-day or 1,000km return policy for new tyre purchases as well as puncture repair free of charge.

Be sure to thoroughly check the warranty and return terms and conditions (which can be found on any tyre retailer’s website), for they vary between manufacturers and retailers such as Cluse Bros Tyrepower Parafield. Furthermore, the vehicle type for which the tyres will be used will determine the warranty/return terms and conditions. For instance, 4X4s are often driven through rugged terrain, hence tyre warranties will differ accordingly.

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