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Need a Pop of Color? Learn How to Paint Your Floor Mat

If your office lacks lustre, consider updating the look of the floor mat under your desk. Many offices have clear floor mats under the desk to allow rolling from one end of their desk to the other end with ease. If you have a clear mat in your office, you can paint it with a unique pattern to add a pop of colour to your office within a matter of minutes. Use the following guide to customize your floor mat quickly and easily.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Floor mat
  • Large stencil
  • Painter’s tape
  • Newspaper
  • Spray paint

Position the Stencil

Take the floor mat outside and lay it flat on the ground. You want to do the painting outside in the open air to decrease the chances of breathing in the paint fumes. When laying out the mat, the side that touches the floor needs to be facing towards the sky. Lay the stencil in the upper left corner of the mat and use the painter’s tape to keep it from moving. Position the newspaper on the exposed portions of the mat that are not covered by the stencil. This will ensure that the paint only gets where you want it to go.

Paint the Mat

Hold the spray paint a foot away from the mat and spray the paint directly onto the stencil, making sure you do not spray the paint in one place for too long. You should be moving the can in short, sweeping motions over the stencil to ensure the paint doesn’t collect in one area too much. If it does, the paint could creep under the stencil and ruin the look you are trying to create. Allow the paint to dry for thirty minutes.

Finish the Mat

Pull the stencil from the mat and position it next to the place you first painted. Tape it down with the painter’s tape and place newspaper over the area that you already painted. Paint the stencil the same way as you did previously. Repeat the process again and again until the entire mat is painted.

Allow the paint to dry overnight before taking the mat into your office. This will allow you to be sure that no paint will get on your floor, when you position the mat in your office. Because you painted the underside of the mat, you do not have to worry about the wheels of your chair ruining the beautiful design you created. 

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