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5 Ways to Advertise Your Local Business on a Budget

A website and social media presence are both great ways of advertising a local business, but they’re not the only ways to get customers through your front door. If you have a business that needs local customers and clients such as a hair salon or restaurant, you also don’t want to concentrate too much on gaining a worldwide audience as you would with a website, but should concentrate on advertising in your neighborhood. Consider some simple but effective ways of doing this while staying on a budget.

1. Use car signs and bumper stickers

Magnetic car signs (like those available from Ascot Sign Company) are good to use if you need to remove them at certain times, whereas bumper stickers are a good choice if you don’t mind having a permanent sign on your car. These signs get seen by everyone in the neighborhood as you drive around running your errands, and a simple logo and website address can be enough to get customers and clients to want to find out more.

2. Use flags and banners outside your establishment

If you don’t have an obvious entrance then customers and clients may not be able to find you. Using flags and banners not only makes your entrance stand out, it can also catch the attention of anyone driving or walking by. A flag or banner that advertises a sale or other special event can also draw in foot traffic.

3. Create flyers and circulars

You can have flyers and circulars delivered with the local newspaper or with coupon books, or you can walk around the neighborhood and deliver them yourself. In either case you reach your local neighbors directly, more so than creating a website and social media presence, both of which are difficult to target to a local audience.

4. Use online classified ad sites

Classified ads are no longer just found in newspapers but there are many websites that carry local ads that you can place for your business. Use these generously, in various categories. This can help you to reach as wide of an audience as possible.

5. Partner with other businesses in your area

You might work with another business to offer discounts on each other’s services, or to allow marketing material to be posted in both sites. For example, if you cut hair you might offer a discount on a neighboring massage therapist’s services for every hair cut, and they offer a discount on your hair cutting service with every massage. You might allow flyers to be displayed on your counter for a restaurant next door if they put your flyers on their counter as well. Working with local businesses can then turn their customers into your customers.

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