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How to Purchase the Best Vinyl Tiles for Your Kitchen

You’ve got your kitchen all set up but there’s something missing. You could be left with just the floor to take care of. While there are a lot of options, it would be worth your time to research the perks of using vinyl. If you have decided to opt for vinyl as your material of choice, here are some tips to use when buying vinyl tiles for your kitchen.

Pick the thicker ones

You are looking for tiles that can withstand all the drama that occurs in the kitchen: spills, pet traffic and even naughty children. When making your choice, go for the thicker tiles. These ones are usually more durable and are made of higher quality synthetic chemicals to boost their strength and resilience. The tile is supposed to feel rigid not flexible.

Check the finishing layer

The top wear layer of vinyl tiles can be finished in a wide range of materials to help in keeping dirt and marks off. Some manufacturers create no-wax tiles which resist stains and are able to keep the surface ever shiny. However, they are not suitable for high traffic kitchens and don’t hold up much.

Other producers use urethane layers to cover their tiles and these tiles are much easier to clean than the no-wax kind because they more dirt resistant. They are however more expensive than the no-wax tiles. And then there are the enhanced urethane tiles meant for those kitchens with extreme traffic. They keep the original color and shade of the tiles for a much longer period of time than the previous two.


Now this is the fun part. After deciding on your thickness and finish, you are at liberty to pick the style that you love best. Here your personality will come into action complemented by your tastes and preferences. Some of these tiles are able to mimic expensive floor surfaces like marble, faux stone or ceramic tiles.

However, keep the colors lighter, they give the impression of a much larger kitchen. If you’ve got a smaller kitchen, pick out tiles with much smaller pattern. A larger one can handle large bold patterns.

There you have it, a quick guide to help you weed out your options and achieve the glamorous kitchen you deserve. For more tips, information or assistance, contact local resources such as Complete Floor Service. They can help you pinpoint the tiles that will best suit your kitchen and budget.

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