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Heated Homes | 3 Electric Heaters For All Types of Homes

Australia is blessed with an abundance of natural sunlight, but ever so often heating during winters is necessary when the temperature becomes cold. When the temperature drops, you shouldn’t waste any time in finding a good heating solution to stay warm. The right water heater will keep you comfortable without costing you a fortune. But all heaters certainly aren’t the same, so where do you get started? While gas heaters work in big houses and oversized rooms, a small enclosed home simply requires an electric heater to do the job. Here’s a look at the different types of electric heaters available for all homes.

Radiant Heaters or Bar Heaters

Radiant heaters are floor and wall-mounted personal heater models. Through a red-hot bar type heating element, these heaters emit warmth throughout the room. Radiant heaters are relatively inexpensive, but they work best in smaller rooms rather than bigger rooms. You must also take care to keep clothing away from these heaters, so they don’t catch fire. They range between $50 and $250.

Oil-Filled Column Heaters

These types of heaters use electricity to heat the oil that is filled inside the columns or heating fins. The oil heat is then transported to the air that circulates around the fins. Oil-filled column heaters are useful for rooms that require heating for extended periods, while operating unattended. For example, oil-filled column heaters work best for heating that is required through the night in the bedroom. The surfaces of these heaters don’t get very hot in comparison to other types of electric heaters. Ceiling fans at low speeds work well to distribute heated air evenly across the room. They cost anywhere from $50 to $200.

Convection Heaters

This type of electric heater pulls in cold air over their electric heating element. The heated air leaves the heater and moves up towards the ceiling, while cooler air moves in again and the process keeps repeating till most of the air in the room gets heated. These heaters usually have a fan to enhance the effect of the convection by forcing the warm air from the heater to move outwards. By using the fan, the room gets heated quicker and uniformly. Convection heaters are portable and can be moved from one room to another, making them a viable option for most rooms in the house. Convection heaters range from $50 to $300, depending on their features and capacity.  

Keep in mind that though electric heating solutions emit less pollution and are relatively efficient, they still consume a portion of your electricity – so be prepared for higher energy bills during winters. For more information, check out companies such as Middleton’s.

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