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Tips for Affording Common Kitchen Renovation Projects

A kitchen renovation can make the space more useable and inviting, and in some cases even add value to your home. One challenge that many homeowners face is being able to afford the kitchen renovations they want done, since materials are often very expensive. However, there are a few simple tips that the pros often use when they need to renovate a kitchen on a tight budget. Note a few of those tips here.

1. Rework Cabinets, Rather than Replace

If your kitchen cabinets are solid but just look old and worn, you may want to consider reworking them rather than replacing them. A good sanding job along with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can make your cabinets seem brand new. If the doors of the cabinets are outdated or damaged, you may be able to simply replace those rather than the entire cabinet. This can allow you to afford the look of new cabinets without the expense.

2. Use Poured Concrete

New countertops can make an entire kitchen look brand new, but materials like marble or granite can be very costly. A good solution is to use poured concrete. You may not realize it but poured concrete can be painted to stained to look like these other materials, or it can be buffed for a high shine. Concrete can also be shaped and formed very easily, so you can add the personal touch of a rounded countertop or one in any shape. Concrete is typically a fraction of the cost of these other materials so you can use it in the kitchen and also all the home’s bathrooms, for a matching look.

3. Look for Remnants

If you must have granite or marble for a countertop in the kitchen, shop for remnants. These are pieces left over from other jobs and they are usually more affordable than new pieces. You may not have as many options with remnants but typically you can find something that will work for your kitchen, for much less money overall.

4. Shop for Used Fixtures

Salvage yards or online sites that offer used sinks, light fixtures, shelves, and other items you need for your kitchen renovation can be a great way to save. You might find the items you need and which look just as good as brand new, but for less money than buying these new at a home improvement or supply store. You might even find items with more character than what you see in stores, such as an oversized ceramic sink or pendant lights reclaimed from a restaurant. These add character to your kitchen renovation without the cost.

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