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Top Benefits of Replacing a Water Heater Tank with a Tankless Heating System

Has your water heater broken down, and you are in the process of repairing or replacing it? Then before getting another water heater tank consider the advantages of opting for a tankless heating system. By switching to such a system, you’ll be able to save money and have access to much more hot water. By learning what the advantages of tankless water heating systems are, you can make an informed decision regarding if it will meet your requirements. With that thought in mind, read on for some top benefits of tankless water heaters.

  • Unlimited supply of hot water: when you use a water heater tank, you will only have as much hot water as the tank has capacity. Therefore, if you are trying to run a bath, the washing machine is on, and someone is washing the dishes, then you might have trouble having enough hot water. Whereas, with a tankless water system there will be no shortage of water because the water is heated on demand.
  • Cost effective: when using a tankless water heating system, the amount of water that you heat up is equal to the amount of hot water that you use – there is no waste of hot water. Whereas, when heating up a water tank you will need to heat it up in its entirety. However, in the event that you will only need to use half the tank of water then the other half will be wasted. Therefore, a tankless water heating system is cost effective and as a result your energy bills will be lower.
  • Less maintenance: a tank heater will need to be emptied and cleaned out because there will be corrosion and a buildup of limescale. On the other hand, a tankless water heating system will not need any maintenance performed on it as frequently. Furthermore, the absence of anti-corrosion and limescale on tankless water heating systems means that the water will be cleaner.
  • Less space: a tankless water heating unit will not take up as much space as a water tank heater. Therefore, you’ll have more storage space, and higher degree of flexibility when deciding where the tankless water heater should be installed.
  • Longer lifetime: the average water heater tank will have a warranty of about years, and that number for tankless systems is in the region of 10 years. The reason for this difference is related to the fact that tankless water heating systems last longer. 

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