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Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Why Every Construction Crew Needs a Bump Truck Onsite

A bump truck refers to a truck that sits behind a construction crew and which alerts drivers to the crew. Short of a bump truck, a construction crew should consider a self-mounted attenuator, which is a type of alert system that attaches to the back of a truck and which may include a sign and very large type of bumper that absorbs an impact.

Many construction crews will have signs and barrels or reflective triangles to protect them, but bump trucks and attenuators are a much better choice. If you’ve never thought about this option for your construction crew, note a few of the advantages they offer.

1. Bump trucks absorb impact

Bump trucks are designed to absorb the impact of a crash. The bumper is usually thicker and placed a certain distance from the truck itself, and this provides maximum protection for your crew. Barrels and triangles do nothing to protect your workers in case of a distracted driver, and without a proper bump truck, you may see that a standard truck simply lurches forward when hit. This not only fails to protect your crew but it might even add to the danger of a crash.

Using a bump truck where there is high-speed traffic can be the best choice for giving added protection to your crew, as accidents can still happen even when lanes are blocked off. This also protects your own vehicles from damage from such a crash.

2. Attenuators can give instruction to drivers

Attenuators not only give caution to other drivers but they can give them instruction which in turn can keep them and your own crew safe. This instruction might include telling them to change lanes, to reduce speed, or to watch for your crew for a certain distance. This ensures that drivers are not only alerted to your crew’s presence but can ensure that they maintain a safe speed, can merge before they reach a lane closure, and so on.

3. Attenuators are located in a driver’s line of sight

One reason that triangles and other alerts are often missed is that they’re not in a driver’s line of sight. A driver can easily miss small alerts if they’re looking to their left or right, or if those alerts are blocked by cars in front of them. An attenuator attached to a bump truck is in the driver’s line of sight or just above it, so they’re much easier to see and more noticeable. This too adds to their effectiveness and is why they are needed by every road construction crew.

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