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Common Areas in a House Where Asbestos Is Found

Many homes were built using asbestos based products. These can present a serious hazard to you, your family and anyone who enters your home. Asbestos is made dangerous when it becomes airborne, as people will inhale the dust, which will become trapped in their lungs. Sustained exposure to this dust can lead to many different debilitating illnesses. Therefore, you want to avoid asbestos at all costs. Before the dangers of asbestos were widely known, it was used in many different materials during the construction of housing. If your house is more than a decade or two old, there is a chance that you have asbestos in your house that needs to be removed.

This is not something you want to deal with yourself. If you suspect a certain materials to be asbestos based, you should have a professional technician come to your home and take an asbestos sample. If the results come back positive, your home should be treated by a professional and have the asbestos-based products removed. Here are some of the most common fixtures and fittings that are found to contain asbestos.

Heating ducts

Ducts can be made from asbestos or they can be wrapped with asbestos based insulation. These will look like a sort of faded white corrugated cardboard. These fixtures may also contain internal asbestos taping. This is a major concern, as when the asbestos deteriorates, it will become airborne and easily spread throughout the house through the ducts.

Plumbing fixtures

Many pipes are fused with asbestos based jackets, most prevalently those pipes which are connected to steam heat or radiators. This can be apparent if the piping has a surface that is white and crumbling. If there are holes present in the pipe, they should be covered up with canvas until such time that they can be sufficiently replaced. Never use duct tape as this will easily fall off.

Ceilings and walls

Many ceilings that have been sprayed with protective seals will have asbestos contained within them. There are also large amounts of asbestos in certain paints, which can become airborne if it is chipped or if holes are drilled into them. A lot of the plaster that used to be used in the construction process had small amounts of asbestos contained within it.

This is why you should not try to scrape or sand these walls and the dust will enter into the air. Some walls may also contain asbestos based insulation within them in order to keep the house warm. Contact an asbestos inspection company for more information.

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