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A Cool Garage: Tips for Adding AC to Your Garage

Spend a lot of time working in your garage? That can get hot and sweaty during the summer months, but you can create a bit of a relief by adding AC to your garage. Here are some tips to optimise your decision:

1. Do not connect your garage AC with your home HVAC system.

Theoretically, you could cool your garage by extending the vents from your HVAC system into your garage. However, this easy addition could have unpleasant consequences — namely, you don’t want carbon monoxide filled exhaust to migrate from your garage, through your vents and into your home.

Your home and garage should only be connected by vents if you do not park your car in the garage. For example, if you use the garage as a playroom or office, you can safely connect it to your existing HVAC system.

2. Consider a freestanding or portable air conditioning unit.

In lieu of connecting your garage to your HVAC system, consider a portable or freestanding option. You can put a portable air conditioning unit into the window of your garage. However, if you prefer a more permanent solution, look into mini ductless units.

These freestanding air conditioners fit unobtrusively on a wall in your garage, and they connect to a small unit that stays outside. They provide cooling just like traditional air conditioners, but they do not require any ductwork.

3. Remember the insulation.

Cooling your garage is only half the battle. You also need to think about the heat you may be losing. Before putting in your AC, look through your garage for air gaps and spaces. Use caulk to seal cracks along your walls or spaces near your windows, and install new weather stripping on your roller door as well as any other doors you have leading into your garage.

Also, consider adding insulation to your roller door. These large insulated doors can be responsible for shedding a lot of cool air from your garage or letting hot air in.

4. Circulate the air with fans.

Whether you are cooling a garage or any other space, you can amplify the effects of your AC with fans. A ceiling fan is ideal for a garage, or you can use a few box fans or other small fans right by your work space.

Want to get more ideas on safely and effectively cooling your garage? Contact an air conditioning contractor for ideas.

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