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What to Avoid When Using High-Pressure Cleaning Equipment

High-pressure cleaning equipment, or just a pressure washer as it’s often called, is a great tool for homeowners. You can more readily remove stubborn mildew or stains from a deck and make quick work of cleaning off those grimy and greasy tools with a pressure washer, or even wash your car without going to a car wash. When you are using this type of equipment, you might note a few common mistakes to avoid so you know you don’t damage your property or ruin the equipment itself.

Not winterizing the system

When you put your pressure washer away for the winter, you want to protect it from corrosion and damage that might form due to cold weather. To do this, use an RV-type antifreeze and run it through the washer and out into the discharge hose on the side. Be sure you use an antifreeze meant for an RV as this is good for something stored long-term and not meant for cars that are driven even through the wintertime. This antifreeze will keep condensation and frost from forming inside the hoses and other wet pieces while the unit is stored.

 Don’t use the washer on a ladder

Keep in mind that the pressure from the washer is actually pushing back on you; when you’re standing on solid ground, you may not think about how it’s affecting your balance but if you’re on a ladder, even a sight pushback can put you off balance and cause a fall. It might also cause the ladder to push away from your home or other surface. If you need to wash upper windows and your current pressure washer cannot reach, either upgrade to a stronger washer or rent scaffolding with a safety rail that keeps you balanced and safe.

Not using the right detergent for the washer

A pressure washer will have a type of nozzle that is meant for certain detergents; a thicker detergent that can’t get through a thin nozzle will simply clog the hoses or mix unevenly with the water. You may have not thought about the nozzle that comes with your pressure washer or may have chosen the cheapest model on the market, which usually means a thin nozzle, and then have wondered why it’s always getting clogged. Check the nozzle and switch detergents or invest in a larger nozzle meant to handle thicker soaps used for homes and greasy tools to protect your machine and get the job done right. Click here for more information.

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