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Can You Fit Runflat Tyres on Your Car?

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to suffer a puncture when driving you know how disruptive this can be. You may have to fiddle with the jack and struggle to get those wheel nuts loose, or have to wait around for some roadside assistance service to help. Maybe you’ve heard of runflat tyres and wonder whether you should consider them. What are they and what do you need to know?

What Is a Runflat Tyre?

The idea of the runflat is to provide temporary relief before you need to change the puncture. In other words, they are designed to enable you to continue driving until you reach a more comfortable location in order to initiate the change. In this way, you may be able to get home or to the nearest garage for assistance. Also, a runflat tyre can reduce the potential dangers associated with a blowout at speed when you’re driving, as they have more structural rigidity.

How Do They Work?

These tyres have reinforced sidewalls, made of toughened rubber inserts. A conventional tyre does not have these special inserts and cannot continue to support the weight of the car once all the air escapes. With a conventional tyre the car’s weight would push down and bring the wheel rim into contact with the road surface. The overall integrity is maintained when you get a puncture in a runflat, however.

Limited Driving Only

This doesn’t mean that you can drive indefinitely on one of these tyres when it is punctured. It’s recommended that you drive only at typical urban speeds for no more than 80 km, but this should be sufficient in order to get you to a place of support.

Replace, Don’t Repair

You should be aware that most retailers will not repair a runflat tyre once it is punctured, as manufacturers advise against this. This is typically because the integrity of the product could have been compromised when it is driven while punctured.

Fitting Them to Your Vehicle

You can consider fitting runflat tyres to a vehicle that was not originally designed to use them as standard equipment. Nevertheless, they must only be installed on vehicles that have a tyre pressure monitoring system as standard equipment. This will ensure that the driver is alerted to the puncture and should start looking for repair assistance. In this way they will only drive within the specified limits, as in some cases they may not even be aware that they have an issue.

Altering the Suspension

It is also advisable to get your auto mechanic to have a look at the vehicle’s suspension when you fit runflat tyres. It may be necessary to make alterations as these tyres have a much stiffer construction. As your car had been designed to run with the original, “conventional” tyres, an adjustment may need to be made to compensate in order to ensure a smoother ride. For more information, contact Ballina Tyrepro

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3 Ways to Make That Beach Vacation More Fun but Still Relaxing

When planning a beach vacation, you may look forward to simply kicking back and soaking up the sun for a few days, but may also know that you’re sure to get bored if you don’t plan on doing anything else during your holiday. While you may not want to overexert yourself with activities during your trip, there are some simple ways of making your beach vacation fun but still relaxing. Consider some of these suggestions for your next holiday on the water.

1. Rent a Pontoon

A pontoon is a type of boat that is flat on the bottom, so that it can hold a larger and heavier load and so that it offers more space for walking around. It isn’t meant for speed but for using on the water and then swimming off the side, as you can more readily dive from a pontoon without risking the boat tipping. The added floor space of a pontoon makes it a good choice for groups or for fishing, as you may want to accommodate large amounts of gear and tackle. If you want to visit a lake and swim from your boat or stretch out while on the water, a pontoon is a great choice for fun and relaxation. (For more information, contact Coastal Pontoon & Jetty Repairs)

2. Look for Festivals and Beach Attractions

Choosing a beach that is offering a festival or other attraction can also keep your vacation relaxing but fun. You won’t need to leave the beach to hear live music, see a sand castle building contest, or enjoy an authentic Hawaiian luau when you find a beach with a festival. Do a bit of research before you leave for your beach vacation and find a location that will be offering a festival or other attraction right on the sand, so you don’t need to leave to enjoy yourself.

3. Take a Day Cruise or Boat Tour

A day cruise or boat tour is a great way to enjoy your beach vacation because you can relax without having to worry about steering the boat or finding your way around the waters and islands. Many day cruises will tour various channels and small islands off a coast, and they may include time for you to get off the boat and walk around in between stops. When choosing a relaxing day cruise or tour, you can also soak up the sun while on the boat and in between island stops, making it a perfect choice for a relaxing but fun excursion while at the beach.  

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Top Benefits of Replacing a Water Heater Tank with a Tankless Heating System

Has your water heater broken down, and you are in the process of repairing or replacing it? Then before getting another water heater tank consider the advantages of opting for a tankless heating system. By switching to such a system, you’ll be able to save money and have access to much more hot water. By learning what the advantages of tankless water heating systems are, you can make an informed decision regarding if it will meet your requirements. With that thought in mind, read on for some top benefits of tankless water heaters.

  • Unlimited supply of hot water: when you use a water heater tank, you will only have as much hot water as the tank has capacity. Therefore, if you are trying to run a bath, the washing machine is on, and someone is washing the dishes, then you might have trouble having enough hot water. Whereas, with a tankless water system there will be no shortage of water because the water is heated on demand.
  • Cost effective: when using a tankless water heating system, the amount of water that you heat up is equal to the amount of hot water that you use – there is no waste of hot water. Whereas, when heating up a water tank you will need to heat it up in its entirety. However, in the event that you will only need to use half the tank of water then the other half will be wasted. Therefore, a tankless water heating system is cost effective and as a result your energy bills will be lower.
  • Less maintenance: a tank heater will need to be emptied and cleaned out because there will be corrosion and a buildup of limescale. On the other hand, a tankless water heating system will not need any maintenance performed on it as frequently. Furthermore, the absence of anti-corrosion and limescale on tankless water heating systems means that the water will be cleaner.
  • Less space: a tankless water heating unit will not take up as much space as a water tank heater. Therefore, you’ll have more storage space, and higher degree of flexibility when deciding where the tankless water heater should be installed.
  • Longer lifetime: the average water heater tank will have a warranty of about years, and that number for tankless systems is in the region of 10 years. The reason for this difference is related to the fact that tankless water heating systems last longer. 

For more information, contact Affordable Hot Water

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Tips for Affording Common Kitchen Renovation Projects

A kitchen renovation can make the space more useable and inviting, and in some cases even add value to your home. One challenge that many homeowners face is being able to afford the kitchen renovations they want done, since materials are often very expensive. However, there are a few simple tips that the pros often use when they need to renovate a kitchen on a tight budget. Note a few of those tips here.

1. Rework Cabinets, Rather than Replace

If your kitchen cabinets are solid but just look old and worn, you may want to consider reworking them rather than replacing them. A good sanding job along with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can make your cabinets seem brand new. If the doors of the cabinets are outdated or damaged, you may be able to simply replace those rather than the entire cabinet. This can allow you to afford the look of new cabinets without the expense.

2. Use Poured Concrete

New countertops can make an entire kitchen look brand new, but materials like marble or granite can be very costly. A good solution is to use poured concrete. You may not realize it but poured concrete can be painted to stained to look like these other materials, or it can be buffed for a high shine. Concrete can also be shaped and formed very easily, so you can add the personal touch of a rounded countertop or one in any shape. Concrete is typically a fraction of the cost of these other materials so you can use it in the kitchen and also all the home’s bathrooms, for a matching look.

3. Look for Remnants

If you must have granite or marble for a countertop in the kitchen, shop for remnants. These are pieces left over from other jobs and they are usually more affordable than new pieces. You may not have as many options with remnants but typically you can find something that will work for your kitchen, for much less money overall.

4. Shop for Used Fixtures

Salvage yards or online sites that offer used sinks, light fixtures, shelves, and other items you need for your kitchen renovation can be a great way to save. You might find the items you need and which look just as good as brand new, but for less money than buying these new at a home improvement or supply store. You might even find items with more character than what you see in stores, such as an oversized ceramic sink or pendant lights reclaimed from a restaurant. These add character to your kitchen renovation without the cost.

For more information, contact Davis & Park Kitchens

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Heated Homes | 3 Electric Heaters For All Types of Homes

Australia is blessed with an abundance of natural sunlight, but ever so often heating during winters is necessary when the temperature becomes cold. When the temperature drops, you shouldn’t waste any time in finding a good heating solution to stay warm. The right water heater will keep you comfortable without costing you a fortune. But all heaters certainly aren’t the same, so where do you get started? While gas heaters work in big houses and oversized rooms, a small enclosed home simply requires an electric heater to do the job. Here’s a look at the different types of electric heaters available for all homes.

Radiant Heaters or Bar Heaters

Radiant heaters are floor and wall-mounted personal heater models. Through a red-hot bar type heating element, these heaters emit warmth throughout the room. Radiant heaters are relatively inexpensive, but they work best in smaller rooms rather than bigger rooms. You must also take care to keep clothing away from these heaters, so they don’t catch fire. They range between $50 and $250.

Oil-Filled Column Heaters

These types of heaters use electricity to heat the oil that is filled inside the columns or heating fins. The oil heat is then transported to the air that circulates around the fins. Oil-filled column heaters are useful for rooms that require heating for extended periods, while operating unattended. For example, oil-filled column heaters work best for heating that is required through the night in the bedroom. The surfaces of these heaters don’t get very hot in comparison to other types of electric heaters. Ceiling fans at low speeds work well to distribute heated air evenly across the room. They cost anywhere from $50 to $200.

Convection Heaters

This type of electric heater pulls in cold air over their electric heating element. The heated air leaves the heater and moves up towards the ceiling, while cooler air moves in again and the process keeps repeating till most of the air in the room gets heated. These heaters usually have a fan to enhance the effect of the convection by forcing the warm air from the heater to move outwards. By using the fan, the room gets heated quicker and uniformly. Convection heaters are portable and can be moved from one room to another, making them a viable option for most rooms in the house. Convection heaters range from $50 to $300, depending on their features and capacity.  

Keep in mind that though electric heating solutions emit less pollution and are relatively efficient, they still consume a portion of your electricity – so be prepared for higher energy bills during winters. For more information, check out companies such as Middleton’s.

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How to Purchase the Best Vinyl Tiles for Your Kitchen

You’ve got your kitchen all set up but there’s something missing. You could be left with just the floor to take care of. While there are a lot of options, it would be worth your time to research the perks of using vinyl. If you have decided to opt for vinyl as your material of choice, here are some tips to use when buying vinyl tiles for your kitchen.

Pick the thicker ones

You are looking for tiles that can withstand all the drama that occurs in the kitchen: spills, pet traffic and even naughty children. When making your choice, go for the thicker tiles. These ones are usually more durable and are made of higher quality synthetic chemicals to boost their strength and resilience. The tile is supposed to feel rigid not flexible.

Check the finishing layer

The top wear layer of vinyl tiles can be finished in a wide range of materials to help in keeping dirt and marks off. Some manufacturers create no-wax tiles which resist stains and are able to keep the surface ever shiny. However, they are not suitable for high traffic kitchens and don’t hold up much.

Other producers use urethane layers to cover their tiles and these tiles are much easier to clean than the no-wax kind because they more dirt resistant. They are however more expensive than the no-wax tiles. And then there are the enhanced urethane tiles meant for those kitchens with extreme traffic. They keep the original color and shade of the tiles for a much longer period of time than the previous two.


Now this is the fun part. After deciding on your thickness and finish, you are at liberty to pick the style that you love best. Here your personality will come into action complemented by your tastes and preferences. Some of these tiles are able to mimic expensive floor surfaces like marble, faux stone or ceramic tiles.

However, keep the colors lighter, they give the impression of a much larger kitchen. If you’ve got a smaller kitchen, pick out tiles with much smaller pattern. A larger one can handle large bold patterns.

There you have it, a quick guide to help you weed out your options and achieve the glamorous kitchen you deserve. For more tips, information or assistance, contact local resources such as Complete Floor Service. They can help you pinpoint the tiles that will best suit your kitchen and budget.

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